A few weeks ago, Rudy Chabannes (a French speaking journalist) interviewed me on the consequences of the Covid pandemic and lockdown on our health. I am so glad to see a journalist who does a thorough investigation! You can read the whole article here (in French).

And here's the translation on the part that was written about Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture:

“Stress and working from home: effects on your physical health."

“Stress is the primary cause of disease”, explains Aline Yon who sees lots of patients with body tensions and a low mood. “ When you are stressed out the body goes into a state of defence, and in the long term it becomes exhausted. Digestion and sleep are disrupted, and inevitably when you eat less and sleep less, you end up being even more tired and irritable; especially when you cannot go out as much as before.”

This French-speaking acupuncturist from Toronto describes a vicious circle that has accelerated since the lockdown.

“Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture would stop this vicious circle”, she affirms. To relieve pain and lower her patients’ stress, she stimulates the body with acupuncture needles on specific points on the skin. This medicine is said to work on sleep, digestion, migraines and the immune system.”

Stay warm and healthy!

Winter Seminar

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Thank you all for registering and attending my webinar! I feel very humbled and honored to be of service to you! I do care about you, and hope you will find tips to be in better health these coming months! For those who missed it, please find the link for the replay here.

2020 webinar winter health with TCM

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me
Enjoy the webinar and stay happy and healthy!

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The last big snow reminded us we are in winter. Indeed, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we entered the winter season on November 7th. Winter is the yin season, the season for rest: after the autumn harvest, fields are resting, and animals are hibernating. What about we humans?

According to The Yellow Emperor's Classics of Medicine ( HuangDi Neijing), which is an important canon in Chinese Medicine, we should also enter in a more yin state:

  • To stay in good health, we are supposed to rise and go to sleep with the sun. In the winter, days are shorter, and nights are longer. So if you feel more tired, and if you can, take advantage of the Covid lockdown to sleep more in the morning, and go to bed earlier.
  • The winter is also the season to store energy (yin), instead of using it (yang). It is the time to eat more warming and easy-to-digest food, such as soup and stews, and avoid raw and cold food such as salads. And no worries if you put on a little bit of weight (yin), it will shed off naturally once the yang season (spring) comes back next February (Chinese New Year).
  • Winter is also the season of the Kidney meridian, also known as the life meridian. Please make sure to keep the kidney meridian warm by avoiding walking barefoot on cold tiled floors, and instead wearing socks and slippers to keep your feet and ankles warm. Your body will thank you later.

Should you want to know more about how to preserve your health in winter according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, I invite you to watch this free webinar that I presented on Monday, December 7th, 2020 at 6.30pm (EST), at my alma mater, the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Toronto, Canada.

2020 webinar winter health with TCM

Special Offers

Proud to be French and happy to be part of #FranceIsON !

From Nov 14th until Dec 20th 2020, new patients will benefit from a 15% discount on their initial consultation in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture! (offer subject to availability) Please book with the code "FranceIsON" at both the Toronto Integrative Medicine Centre or Yoga Mamas.

Time to take care of yourself in the Sino-French way!